Alpacas & Ragdoll Cats

Pet Cats

We have quite a number of Ragdolls who are our pets, either retired breeders or just pets from the start. After all, they are like potato chips – you can’t have just one!


Angel Baby (Ch. FossMtn Angel Baby)

Angel Baby is the daughter of our long-time stud, Rusty.  She had a few litters, but is now retired as our pet.  She is a beautiful blue bicolor girl who greatly resembles her sire.  She is a bit shy for a Ragdoll, but is very loving to us, though retiring with strangers.


“What are you doing with that camera thing?”

We showed Angel prior to her first litter and she received her Champion title.  But it was very clear she didn’t like showing, but at least we got some good comments from the judges.

Angel with her show ribbon.

Angel with her show ribbon.


Delilah (Beechridge Delilah of FossMtn)


Just draping on the cat tree.

Born in 2007, Delilah is a beauful seal point mitted girl who is now retired from breeding after giving us some wonderful kittens. She is full of energy and still loves to play. She remains with us as our pet, as she gets along well with all the other cats, though she most definitely is the boss-cat of them all.


Nicole (FossMtn Noel Nicole)

Nicole is the daughter of Dorie Jo (now retired and gone to a new home) and Blaze, our retired stud boy.  She is a beautiful blue colorpoint Ragdoll who is a great size like her sire.  As a baby, she had a reaction to Clindamycin tablets which caused an esophageal stricture.  This made it difficult for her to swallow.  After numerous procedures to widen the stricture, she can now easily eat canned food and can also eat small kibble if she eats them a few at a time.  Because of her special feeding needs, we have kept her as our pet.  She is playful and sweet and loves being a ‘big sister’ to the kittens.


Nicole on top of a hidey hut

Copy (1) of Nicole_closeup

Closeup of her sweet face



Beyonce (pronounced like the singer)


“Did I give you permission to take my picture?”


“Yes, I know I’m beautiful.”

Beyonce was born on 9-11-01 at what seems to have been a kitten mill. She was sold through a pet store in New Jersey, not spayed, and then resold to a nice woman whose son owns an Inn near here. Her last owner spayed her and gave her the vet care she needed. But when her owner knew she was travelling too much to keep Beyonce, she placed her with me. Probably because of her origins, Beyonce does not have the normal, laid-back personality of a Ragdoll. I chose not to find a new home for her, as she was pretty tired of travelling, and was not what most people wanted in a Ragdoll. But she has a certain charm, thinks she’s a star, and makes us laugh. She’s not nearly as nice as the human Beyonce, but she’s a character.  She has mellowed with age, but still has her demanding ways.


Maxie (Alter Ch Kasseldolls Maxwell’s Silver Hammer)


Max with one of his show ribbons


“Yes, I own the top perch of this cat tree.”

Maxie is a beautiful blue colorpoint male who in 2005 was originally meant to replace our original stud, JimmyMack.  Max is a pure purr-box who loves to cuddle, sleep with us and spend time on the lap. Because he has such a wonderful cuddly personality, we couldn’t bear to restrict his life as it would have to be as a stud cat. We also realized we only had three queens at that time, who our other stud Rusty could easily (and very willingly) ‘take care of’. So we made the decision to alter him and keep him as a pet. He would have made an awesome contribution to our breeding program, but we believe he is happier with his life the way he is now. Maxie did well at his first CFF show as a kitten, getting ribbons in every ring, ranging from second best to 8th best. At just over eight month’s old, Maxie went to his first show as an adult and participated in the Alter Champion class. He ribboned there as well and earned his Alter Champion status. He got nice comments from the judges, which pleased both me and his breeder Ken Staples. Thanks, Ken, for this wonderful lover boy. Later on, Max decided that the show hall scared him, as did the show hotel, so we retired him from showing.


 Blaze (Blue Gems Blaze of Glory of FossMtn)


“Ah, lounging in the sun is my favorite thing to do.”

Blaze is a beautiful seal mitted boy with a perfect hour-glass blaze.  He was our stud cat who replaced Rusty.  He is big, with a very soft coat and very laid-back temperment.  He purrs all the time.   His pedigree is full of very large cats, from Soulmate and Rockinblues catteries.

Blaze went to his first Cat Fancier’s Federation show in November of 2013, in the kitten class, and with many other Ragdolls in the class, was able to place in six of the eight rings.

Blaze has produced his last litter, with Angel Baby, and is now neutered and retired to be our pet.  He did not like living a life separated, as breeding males have to be, so he is now a very happy boy, living with all the other cats and having the run of the house and cellar and cat pen outside.


Blaze on the carpet showing his mitts and boots.

Keziah (Keziah of Fossmtn)

Keziah is a retired queen who literally thinks she is the Queen.  She is a blue point mitted girl who had wonderful kittens for us, but is now just spending her days eating and playing.  (And occasionally being bossy with Angel Baby and Nicole).  And yes, she has put on a few pounds and should probably join a gym!


Keziah looking wise