Alpacas & Ragdoll Cats


Obtaining a Kitten

Update, September 2020

I have had my last litter for this year and they all are spoken for.  The next litter is not expected to be born until 2021 with kittens available in late Spring.  If you are willing to wait that long, email me at [email protected] to go on the waiting list.  I do presently have a number of people on it.

Going forward, I will have two breeding females.   Cassadee is my seal mitted girl.  She and Cowboy both carry chocolate, so they will make kittens that are sealpoints or bluepoints, in all three Ragdoll patterns and occasionally will produce chocolate pointed kittens.  Some of their kittens will have the lynxpoint striping passed down by their sire.  Jolene is my blue colorpoint girl.  She and Cowboy make kittens in sealpoints and bluepoints, with some kittens having the lynxpoint striping.

We require that buyers of our kittens sign a contract with us. It protects the kitten, us and the buyer. Our contract guarantees that, at the time of purchase, the kitten is free of the various diseases that strike kittens and catteries, and that it is also free of worms and fleas. It guarantees the kitten is free of inherited defects as well, for up to a year. It also stipulates that the cat will not be declawed. Ragdolls are easily trained to scratch on appropriate posts and scratching pads. There is no need to mutilate their feet to prevent damage to your furniture. The buyer also agrees to give the kitten good quality food, to keep the cat inside, and to have regular vet care. We can provide a sample of the contract upon request.

Lynx mitted boy named Sully (sold)

Lynx mitted boy Sully (sold)



Kittens in a drawer! (all sold)

Our pet and show/alter kittens are spayed/neutered prior to leaving our home. Although the majority of people are trustworthy and have every intention of neutering their new Ragdoll, some individuals have been known to buy a pet Ragdoll and then breed it without papers. Shelters alter kittens before they place them, and we, as breeders, should be as conscientious as shelters.

Our prices, including spay/neutering and registration, are as follows:
Pet Ragdolls – $1050
Show/Alters – $1500
Breeders – $2500

Blue Lynx colorpoint kitten

Blue Lynx colorpoint kitten (sold)


Seal colorpoint boy (sold)

Breeders are sold to registered catteries only, and I must approve of the way they will be housed.

Our breeding cats have all tested negative for the HCM gene in Ragdolls, or their parents are both negative. Results are available upon request.

Our kittens are raised here in the house with us and the other cats and are given lots of socialization to get them ready for their new homes. At about seven weeks old they can ‘receive visitors’, so you can come and see them. At around twelve weeks old, the kittens are mature enough to be spayed or neutered and go to their new homes as soon as they have recovered from their surgery. By that time they are litter-trained, eating dry and canned cat food and have been introduced to the scratching pads.  They also have received their first ‘kitten vaccinations’.  We have two large dogs who share the house with the kittens, so they become well socialized to dogs.  However, my contract includes instructions on the proper way to introduce a small kitten to new dogs, and buyers with dogs are required to sign that they will follow those instructions.

To obtain a kitten from me, please email me at [email protected]