Alpacas & Ragdoll Cats

Alpaca Products

Alpacas’ function in this world is to produce fiber to be used in many different products.  Our alpacas produce bags of fiber every year that we have processed into yarn and other finished products that we sell at Fairs and out of our home.  Some of our products are shown below.

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Sammy’s Champion fleece                                Galaxy’s Champion fleece

Sammys_ChFleecesm2    Galaxy_Chfleece

We show our fleeces in order to get a judge’s view on the quality. Cracklin Rosie was our last blue ribbon winner for her fleece – her second one in two years! The first time she won, she was at the halter show, so she herself, as well as the fleece, got photographed.

Cracklin_fleecebag    Cracklin_fleece

‘New Hampshire Made’ Yarn

Our show-winning fleeces are almost always part of the clip that we send to a mini-mill to be made into yarn. All of our yarn is ‘New Hampshire Made’. The animals are raised and sheared in New Hampshire and we use Sallie’s Fen Fiber Mill in Barrington NH to make the yarn. The yarn is generally 3-ply worsted weight, sold in 4 oz skeins of around 200 yards. We also produce some bulky weight and DK weight yarns. We blend some of it into tweeds and twists, generally the brown with fawns and whites. We sell the yarn out of our home and at fairs and fiber events. Some of it is shown below. I dye some of the lighter colored yarns as well as the twists.

Skeins_0313    dyed_skeins_0313

I also crochet a limited amount of items using our own yarn. I love to produce cowl scarves, hats, mittens and fingerless mitts. A pair of fingerless gloves and a couple of cowls that I’ve made are shown below. The pictures can’t show how soft they are!

Fingerless crochet mitts 1

Fingerless Texting Mitts

Cozy Cowl 2

Cozy Cowl

Chain Cowl

Chain Cowl


American and Peruvian Made Products

Some of our fleeces are sent to the New England Alpaca Fiber Pool (NEAFP) in exchange for finished products like socks, scarves, gloves and hats – all made in the USA.  We also supplement our supply of products with Peruvian-made items.

Scarves, gloves from Neafp                                  Socks from Neafp & Peru

Neaf_scarves_gloves2    Socks_www


Teddy bears & hats from Peru                      Stuffed lions & ponies from Peru

Fur_hats    stuffed_animals

Our inventory varies with the season. Email us if there is anything you see here or if you have seen us at a Fair and want to know what we have in stock. If you are looking for dyed yarn, I can always dye to order.